• MultiClient
  • Usko MultiClient : 8 Char Login Video..
  • Usko Normal Login : Normal Login Video..
  • Steamko MultiClient : 8 Char Login Video..
  • Steamko Normal Login Normal Login Video..
  • AFKBot usable in (GMT+0) 13:00 - 16:00 as free!
  • Working with Steam and usko.
  • Auto Login : Automaticly login to game and start botting when disconnected from game.
  • Attack Bot: Automaticly attacking to monster, looting,party support and protection.
  • Smart Route : Walk like a real player.
  • Minning Bot : Automatic minning bot.
  • Chaos Bot : Automaticly attack in chaos event ( like macro ).


  • Need to registered user for use AFKBot.
  • Need to login for download AFKBot. (Visit my account page after login.)
  • Please download from only orginal web site Other sites or persons maybe try to hacking your pc and account.
  • If you have any problem about using AKFBot, please visit user guides page.
  • Contact with us about problems or new features, please visit contact page.


Version : afkbot 2.50.0 - 05.12.2016
  • Only enemy nation attack option added.
  • Run to box option added to auto loot.
  • Character moving like stun issue fixed.
  • PM Protection added.
  • Automatic shoping, black list, auto revive, autologin support added for Delos dungeon.
  • DC issue fixed about using 3-5-8-9 multiple arrow skills.