• Bot time credit price updated
  • Please read before use AfkBot. Click..
  • AFKBot and AfkbotPVP usable in (GMT+3) 18:00 - 21:00 as FREE!
  • AFKBot Working on SteamkoUsko
  • AfkbotPVP working on some 21xx and 19xx servers. Do not buy before try on free time.
  • 1 AFKBot account can access multiclient with limitless characters for usko and steam ko.
  • MultiClient : AFKBot have multiclient support for more games. Click for multiclient guide.
  • AFKBot General Features: Attack bot, Minning bot, Chaos bot, Upgrade bot, Exchange bot, Pedal mode, Auto-Login, Smart route and more mode included (all in one).
  • AfkbotPVP General Features : Attack bot, minning bot, Exchange bot and Upgrade bot. Other modes will be included as soon as possible.


  • Need to registered user for use AFKBot.
  • Need to login for download AFKBot. (Visit my account page after login.)
  • Please download from only orginal web site Other sites or persons maybe try to hacking your pc and account.
  • If you have any problem about using AKFBot, please visit user guides page.
  • Contact with us about problems or new features, please visit contact page.


Version : AFKBot 3.3.9 - 22.04.2018
  • Fixed auto potion issues.
  • Fixed auto loot issues (About run to loot issue).
  • Fixed delos dungeon issue.
  • Monster stone issue fixed.
  • Archery multitiple arrow issues fixed
  • Chaos stone, krowaz, hellfire, enigma, cruel, havoc added to boss scan list.
  • Bot will stop on map change.
  • Wait before respawn option added to auto respawn.
  • Stop bot if party disbaneded option added to extras.
  • Fixed some issues.
  • GM Teleport protection added.
  • Wait before use ts option added.
  • Go to npc and search added for quests.
  • Suspend speedhack, wallhack and delete free sc(s) added to Anti-Ban protection.

PVP Version : AfkbotPVP 1.5.2 - 23.04.2018
  • Improved Pvp server compatibility.
  • Exchange bot issues fixed.