AFKBot - Automatic Attack

Skill selection : Left list for attack skills, right list for buff skills. You can select skills with double click and you can remove selected skills with double click.

Target Selection : Target selection method for attack.
Near : Bot will select nearest mob for attack.
From Monster List : Bot will select mobs in your selected monster list.
Manual : Bot will not select auto mob. If you select monster then bot will attack to your target.
Party admin targets : Bot will attack only party admin targets automaticly.

Attack range : If you select this options bot will not attack to aut of range mobs. You can change attack range by using scroll.
Run to target : Bot will attack to target with running.
Return to center : If bot cannot find new target for attack then your character will return to start coordinates.
Combo attack : Bot will use R attack.
Set center after TP : If character was teleport bot will set center to teleport coordinates.
Auto revive : Automaticly return to center and continue to attack when character die.