AFKBot - Quest helper

AFKBot can take all quest in your map and  give in quest after quest completed.
Click to "Quest" button (top of minimap) for Quest Helper. You can list all quest (avaible) and perform quest take and quest give up.

Note: You must near to be NPC for quest give up. If quest need to item selection then you need to check "take random item" option else afkbot will not complete quest.

Warning: Dont take too many quest at same time else characters will be disconected.

Warning: "Take random item" option can be get correct item only for gears. Another items will be taken as random.

MultiClient Quest
You can take quest for all char in multiclient mode with "Commander" option.
Click to "Commander" button and active it, switch to Commander page and click to "Quest" button in Commander page and do quest operations.